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High Quality, High Technology

Rockblaster Hammers undergo thorough quality control for customer satisfaction
Special alloy steels provide excellent durability and longer life of RB hydraulic hammers. RB hydraulic hammers are ready to work under any environment and condition.

Rower, Reliability, Durability
Rockblaster RB Series hydraulic hammers are a result of field experience and a long-standing record of leadership in the development of hydraulic hammer technology.

Operator Friendly
The unmatched power-to-weight ratio of RB series hammers creates a better balance between the attachment and a wide range of carriers. Rockblaster hammers are designed to harmonize the long piston stroke with the nitrogen cushion of the top of the piston, creating less shock and vibration than competing hammers.

Field Serviceable
Part availability world-wide, with experienced service.

Rod Type

rod type

  1. Rod
    The specially heat-treated rod is directly applied to break rocks. It is used as moil point, chisel and flat rod according to the application (optional).
  2. Rod Holder
    The fronthead (as rod holder) supports the whol hammer. Upper bush prevents shock from the rod.
  3. Piston
    Kinetic energy of the piston is converted into hammering energy after hitting the rod. The hammering energy transmitted to the tool breaks rocks.
  4. Cylinder
    The cylinder is the heart of the hammer containing hydraulic circuit for piston reciprocation.
  5. Valve
    The cylindrical control valve is built in the valve housing and controls piston reciprocation.
  6. Accumulator
    The accumulator compensates for pressure in the hydraulic circuit and prevents pulsation. It is not usually necessary to refill with N2 gas (only in main body).
  7. Back Head
    Oil presssure inlet and outlet ports and gas charging valve are built in and the inside is charged with N2 gas.
  8. Nitrogen Gas ( N2 )
  9. Tie Rod
    Front head, cylinder and back head of hammer body are tightly fixed with four through bolts.

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